When designing there are a range of different fashion prints to choose from. Many fashion prints translate in fabric weaves, meaning they aren't printed using a printing method, but instead are interlaced with the threads.  Here are a list of some of our fashion prints.

Lets start with some commonly known prints:



A very common print, with the right color scheme this print can be worn year-round. A fabric that consist of flower designs.

Polka Dots

/ˈpō(l)kə dät/

large round dots repeated to form a regular pattern on fabric. This differs from dotted fabric because it has a structured pattern and is not random.




 consisting of columns of short parallel lines, with all the lines in one column sloping one way and all the lines in the next column sloping the other way so as to resemble the bones in a fish, used especially in the weave of cloth or the placing of bricks. This print is mostly seen as a weave in a fabric, like pictured above. A great weave for coats, suits, mens items and pants.



A large checked pattern with notched corners suggestive of a canine tooth. Mostly seen in wool and tweed fabric.



Small scale designed motifs. Seen mainly with in dresses and me button-up shirts.



A print some times consisting of recognizable objects, like animals, objects

Stay tuned for part 2! There are more cool fashion prints to look

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