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2020 has brought a shift to many fashion trends. However, one that sticks out is the shift in how women wear sheer turtlenecks. The Deconstructed Turtle and the Tight Turtleneck are 2 pieces that stand out this year.

One of the main characteristics is both turtlenecks  fabric choice.  Usually, the fabric is a colorful tie dye knit, mainly sheer, or a printed fabric.  The Tight Turtleneck may be a sheer novelty knit. Another key characteristic is using a lettuce hem.  This Lettuce hem can be seen mainly on the Deconstructed Turtleneck. Whether is be panels or patchwork. Therefore, a lettuce hem, or serging, gives this deconstructed turtleneck a inside out quality.

Photo Credit: Collage. From Fiibers

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