When it comes to taking care of your fabric, one thing you have to first understand is the Take Care symbols. These Take Care symbols are usually known as Laundry Care and can be used as a Laundry Guide. They are typically located on a tag towards the hem of your garment. Understanding these terms are important because:

  • Your clothes will last longer.
  • You can invest in better pieces.
  • You can make the garments you create last longer.
  • You can inform your customers how to take care of the garments you make for them.

Lets dive in and analyze the Landry Cheat Sheet.

Washing Cycles.

Washing Cycles is about how you use your washer when it comes to you clothes.

Dryer Cycles

Dryer Cycles are the techniques you need to use when using your dryer.


Ironing can be very damaging to your clothes. Lets go into ironing symbols and what they mean.


Bleach is something we all tend to stay any from. However, sometimes it is called for.

Dry Cleaning

Some of the symbols you see on tags are just for the dry cleaners.

It's important to take care of your fabrics, just like your clothes. Stay tuned to our fabrics take care sheet. Do you take care of your clothes?

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