The Burn test is something you do to determine the content of your fabric. It may not tell you the specific name of your fabric. However, this  test can provide you with all the content information you need to use your fabric accordingly. The burn test is one the first things we do at Fiibers, when it comes to identifying fabrics we receive from different designers.

Prepare your fabric:

You won't need that much fabric to do a burn test. I suggest getting at least 1" of fabric cut in a rectangle or triangle. Using a rectangle will allow you to have different corners to test your own fabric. However, using a triangle allows you to see how fast the flames continues.

Caution: Please beware when doing the flame test that you are, in act, working with a flame. Therefore, always be cautious and burn the fabric away from the rest of the actual fabric.Another great tip is to keep your fingers on the opposite side of the flame. Also make sure you keep a glass of water next to you. So you can drop the swatch in the glass whenever you need to.

Below is our Burn Test Chart.

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