When it comes to searching for fabric. Every fabric has its own personality and speaks to each person who posses it differently. Your zodiac sign may have something to do with the fabric you lean towards. Just like fabric, each zodiac sign stands for something different. Whether you are a eager Aries or a practical Virgo. Lets explore what fabric may be best for you based off of your zodiac sign. 


Date: Mar 21. - Apr.19

Fire Sign.

Eager, Passionate, optimistic.

impatience, short temper, aggressive.

Aries are dynamic people filled with passionate and an enthusiasm for the next thing. For you spandex may be your best fabric. Spandex won't slow you down and can move when you move. Athletusre wear it the perfect outfit for the on the go person you are. You can even design a great dress for the next time you go out and drop it low.


Date: Apr.20-May.20

Earth Sign

Dependable, Patient,

Materialistic , greedy, possessive

As a Taurus not only are you dependable, patient and focused. You are also very materialistic, which can be a bad or good thing, You care about the way fabric feels. The more lavish the better. Velvet is the perfect fabric for you. Velvet can be woven with a "hard" aesthetic, that can represent your stubbornness, but also speaks to the luxuries in life.  


May 21-June. 20

Air Sign

Curious, outgoing, adaptable,

Inconsist, Unforsure, Impulsive, unreliable

As a Gemini, you are curious. You are always questioning and challenging the details and pushing us all forward. You need a fabric that will not give you the grace to move, with the outgoing nature of you. Knits are where you belong. A big category that allows you to be as adaptable, as you want to. You are known as being "2 faced". Therefore refore, a wide category like knits allows you to move as you feel. 


June 21-July 22

Water Sign

Compassionate, sentimental, tenacious

moody, insecure, pessimistic

You are compassionate, some may say emotional, or moody. Throughout all of this you still have a inccocence to you. Chiffon is the best fabric for you. Chiffon is summer fabric, therefore its perfect for your birthday, but it also offers you the advantages for some sweet and innocent, even if you aren't. ;)


July 23- Aug22

Fire Sign

Humorous, Generous,cheerful

Arrogant, self-centered, lazy

As a Leo you demand attention when you enter a room. You are a lion and everyone will hear you roar, whether they want to or not. You are funny and cheerful, therefore you deserve a fabric that matches you. Sequins can do just that. Sequins offer you the attention you want, while being able to keep up with you cheerfulness.



Earth Sign

Analytical, hardworking, practical

overcritical, shy, judgmental

As a Virgo, you may come off as all business and no play. Thats only because you are so hardworking and practical. You keep you head down and work. You need a fabric that represents you. Wool Crepe is the perfect fabric. Wool crepe is a work to party fabric. Thus, allowing you to design pieces that fit your life. The tight dress you can wear to work, but can also wear to drinks after work.



Air Sign

Cooperative, social, fair-minded

indecisive, superficial,vain

As a Libra, you are kind, fair and somewhat superficial. You care about your social status and you care about the way you look. Like a Taurus, you need a fabric that will keep up with luxurious like. Silk is the best fabric for you. Soft to the touch with a grand amount of drape. Silk will surely look amazing on you and give you the kind, yet sexy appeal we all know you want 



Water Sign

Brave, passionate, resourceful.

Jealous, vengeful, secretive

Scorpios can be seen as one the most "dark" signs. However, that's hardly the case. Scropios are usually just every passionate people. You need a fabric that speaks to the depth of emotions. Leather is the would be the ideal fabric for you. Its dark, yet sexy. Brave, yet secretive. 



Fire Sign

Idealistic, adventurous, honest

Impractical, tactless, Inconsistent

As a Sagittarius you are adventurous and spontaneous. You do everything with a purpose and can sometimes come off as rude or brass. Its just because you speak and live your passion. Your fabric needs to do the same the best fabric for you will be a canvas fabric. This canvas fabric will allow you to make bags and accessories you take on your adventures with you. A lightweight canvas would even allow you to make wearable fashion pieces that can keep up with your adventures.



Earth Sign

blunt, ambitious, responsible

know-it all, condescending. workaholic

As a Capricorn you can be seen as a "father" like figure. You are responsible and ambitious. You are also very reliable and need a fabric that is just as loyal as you. A fabric that has been around for awhile. Denim is the perfect fabric for you. Design garments that stand the test of time like you with denim fabric. 



Air Sign

progressive, independent, humanitarian.

aloof, cold, unpredictable

As an Aquarius, some people see you as weird but you just tend to think differently from everyone. You are on your own page a true individual and some people can't handle that. You are also known to constantly be thinking ahead and looking towards the future.  Charmeuse is just the fabric for you. Charmuese is an unusual mix between satin and silk. It fits you perfect. A fabric that tends to be misunderstood and underestimated.



Water Sign

artistic, empathetic , gentle

fearful, naive, impressionable

Since Pisces is the last sign, you are known to carry the emotions of everyone. You can be very empathetic, almost too empathetic at times. This can sometime make you variable for bad impressions. The best fabric for you want be Linen. Linen can be overlooked a lot of times. However, it is a fabric you can do a lot with, while still offer you the chance to breath and be who you are. Linen is the perfect fabric for someone as artistic and empathetic as you.

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