Welcome to SFP! SFP is a series of scrap fabric projects, that help promote creative as well as sustainability. Follow along as we take scrap pieces of fabric from our members and turn them into something cool proving you don't have to throw your fabric away! Don't want to make any of these SFPs? You can purchase any of these anytime.

Mini Drawstring Bag!

This week we make drawstrings bags out of scrap fabric making this a perfect bag to carry extra change in or carrying anything you hold special to you.


Drawstring Pattern Scrap Fabric Fabric Cutting Scissors Ribbon. Step 1: The first thing you want to do is create your drawstring pattern. Depending on how big your scrap pieces of fabric are. The pattern can either be a rectangle or a square. Step 2: Sew your hem. Step 3: Sew your side seams together until you reach your hem. Step 4: Cut away the extra fabric. Step 5: Put a safe pin at the end of your "ribbon" or "string" & feed it through your casing. Step 6: If you have a fabric that needs to be finished , fold in the excess & top stitch. Now go out & enjoy your drawstring bag! Like , Share and Comment .

Free Fabric Planner

Posted by admin

Who else has a hard time keeping up with fabric and their ideas? We have created this fabric planner that will surely help you. Either cut the sections out or...

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