When looking into sustainable fashion we always think about how the clothing is made, what toxins are being out in the air because of it the manufacturing, or if it is getting made in sweatshops. All triggers that make the majority of people go into the rabbit hole of sustainability.

Did you know that the 85% of the Textile Industry ends up in landfills?

People tend to concern themselves with larger brands and companies. One group of people that is rarely explored is the local seamstress. These local seamstresses are also hobbyist. They create new pieces from their thrifted steals, and sew pieces for family and friends. Sometimes they even make smaller custom collections. For them how can they be sustainable? How can they participate in the sustainable fashion community? It is easy: Second hand or thrifted fabric.

2nd hand or thrifted fabric:

Secondhand fabric is previously owned fabric. It is fabric that is leftover from a sewing project. Before you decide to purchase your fabric from a major fabric retailer consider buying your fabric 2nd hand from a small 2nd hand fabric store. When you purchase fabric from a 2nd hand store you take a small step in the right direction towards sustainable fashion.

If you express yourself through clothing, there is a 99.9% chance you love fabric. This means that sometimes you may overbuy it. We understand, we all do. However, what do you think happens if you buy a fabric that is not quite your style, or you are moving studios and just can't take all of your fabric collection with you? This is the case for some designers. This is where 2ndhand fabric steps in. Seamstresses need a community to not only sell or donate their own fabric but also buy 2nd fabric. That's where Fiibers steps in.

We are here for every step in the smaller designers journey. Buying second hand is the easiest way to participate in the sustainable community.

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