Once you have purchased your machine, you may want to hop right into projects. One of the tools is creating a sewing practice binder. This binder is full of your samples of different sewing techniques and finishes. You should use it as a reference during your career as a seamstress, or sewing hobbyist. We will create a Sewing binder. But, one of the first resources is a Sewing Practice Sheet. These are a simple way to improve your sewing.

The point of this resource:

-To help you learn to sew in straight lines, curves, and points. This will help you improve your skills, without wasting materials.

Materials Need:

-An unthreaded Sewing Machine

-Our FREE sewing Practice Packs. 



Step 1:

Load your machine with the paper.

Step 2:

Slowly press down on your pedal and follow the lines on your paper.

TIP: For the sqaures, have a constant speed until your get close to the corner. Next "walk" your machine to the point, lift the presser foot, rotate your paper, and then finish your new line.

Step 3:

After sewing lift your paper to the light and see how you did!

Step 4:

Print off more and Try again.

TIP: Keep your practice sheets. They are nice to look back on as you continue to sew.

It's that easy to start practicing and getting better. These sheets are great to do no matter how advanced you are. I like to think of them as a sewing rest and a basic skill you can never do too many times.

-Love, CoCo

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