Fabulous Fashion books is a series of.... you guessed it! Our favorite fashion books.
From coffee table books to biographies to educational these books are a most have for every fashionista and every fashion designer.
Lets face it with fashion books you CAN judge them by the cover.

Fashionable Shelby by Todd Selby


Fashionable Shelby has to be one of our favorite fashion books of the 21st century.  This book consists of the author, Todd Selby, traveling around the globe to take a peek into different fashion, textile and jewelry designers work space. He takes a in-depth look at their process, while creating an aesthetic pleasing book.
Todd Selby highlights some of our favorite designers like Olivier Rousteing, Giuseppe Zanotti, Iris Van Herpen and more. He starts off each designers section with a brief description and the leads the viewer on a tale of handwritten notes, colorful behind-the-scenes pictures and hand drawn pictures, ending with a personal touch from each designer.
At only $35.00, Fashionable Shelby is a must-have coffee table book. Discover new designers and get person with your favorite designers.  This book starts with a great conservation and ends leaving the reader with inspiration.
Purchase the book below on sale for $22 on Amazon.
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