SFP is a series of scrap fabric projects, that help promote creative as well as sustainability. Follow along as we take scrap pieces of fabric from our members and turn them into something cool proving you don't have to throw your fabric away!

This heart purse is perfect for your valentines day date night. Create this Purse with less then 3/4 of fabric and in under 1 hour.

Don't like the heart shape? Create other shapes, like circles, triangles, sqaures any thing else you would like & share them with us! Tag us in all your creations on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook.

Material Needs:

  • Scrap Fabic
  • Heart Shaped Pattern
  • Scissors
  • Snaps (Any closing of your choosing)
  • Optional:
    • Chain

    Step 1:

    Create your pattern. Make sure you place notches at the top, leaving enough space to fit your hand. You need a 2 patterns : One for the main heart shape and another for the strap. Depending on how big your scrap fabric, you can size you heart shape up or down and cut out all of your pieces.

    Step 2:

    Sew your 2 heart shape pieces together. stopping at your notches and press. For a more professional look, do a top stitch

    Step 3:

    Finish the top hole. I used a fabric that doesn't need to be finished, so I just tucked in where my notches were and sewed them separately.

    Step 4:

    If you have chain like I did, you can sew your straps together and weave them in the chain. If not, just sew your straps together.

    Step 5:

    Attach your straps to the center of your heart.When your sew your straps, make sure you sew over it a couple of times with your backstitch.

    Step 6:

    Hand stitch your snaps on.

    Step 7:

    Your all done now! Enjoy your heart shaped purse!!!

    "Never Throw Your Fabric Away Agian"

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